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Mini Portable Bladeless Neck Fan

Mini Portable Bladeless Neck Fan

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Mini Portable Neck Fan USB Rechargeable Bladeless Fan Ventilador Hanging Handheld Silent Digital Display Small Electric Cooling Fans


1. Multi-scene available, can hang on the neck, can hang on the waist, can be placed on the desktop.

2. High-capacity battery, up to 10 hours of life.

3. High-quality silent brushless motor.

4. 3-speed adjustable wind volume.

5. Wide angle air outlet, strong wind.

6. Simple appearance and fresh color scheme.

Specification:Color: White, Pink, Green (Optional)

Operating current: 0.3-1.2A

Rated power: 1.2-5W

Battery capacity: 2000mA

Battery life: 1-speed fan about 10 hours; 2-speed fan about 4.5 hours; 3-speed fan about 2.5 hours

Charging time: about 2 hours

Fan function: Press the switch once to start 1-speed airflow, press the second switch to start 2-speed airflow, press the third switch to start 3-speed airflow, press the fourth switch to turn off the power.Display screen function: three air volume gears are displayed "01" "02" "03"; remaining power display "01-100%"; low power display "LO"; fully charged display "100%"

Material: ABS / electronic components

Size: 123x83x43mm/4.84x3.26x1.69in

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